Lessons Learned

As I stated in a previous post, Ella was at my brother’s Tuesday night. I was supposed to go to Orlando yesterday and set up for WWE Axxess, but unfortunate circumstances prevented me from making the trip.

That means, these circumstances have also prevented me from going to pick up Ella. When I sent her with my brother Tuesday night, I only sent her with enough schoolwork (and clothes) to cover her for yesterday, because I believed I would be picking her up last night.

However, my mother won’t be bringing her to me until tomorrow.

This means Ella hasn’t had to do any schoolwork today, and likely won’t do any tomorrow.

Clearly, in the future, I should not only pack her more clothes (just in case), but ensure that my brother (or whoever else has her) is prepared to give her more work than I have planned, on the off-chance that she stays longer.


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