NXT Jacksonville

We went to another NXT show last night. It was great. I spent four hours finishing up Ella’s Patrick Clark costume yesterday before the show, and it really paid off.  There were soooo many compliments. Kayla Braxton (the host) even took a picture of it. Dallas Harper (who was one of the people doing the meet and greet) even called her Mrs. Clark.

During intermission I took Ella over to the water fountain, and Liv Morgan saw her and hugged her.  She complimented the outfit as well and told me I did a really good job on it. She also told Ella that she came out just to see her.

Macey wrestled (and won), and afterwards she came over and hugged us. I’m not sure if it was recognition from Ocala last week, or if it was just because we were the most vocal. Either way, it was really cool.

Ruby Riot (formerly Dori/Heidi Lovelace) recognized Ella from last month and came over and hugged her both before and after her match in which she teamed up with Ember Moon to defeat Billie Kay and Peyton Royce.  Ember also high fived Ella afterwards.

I also got to see Shinsuke Nakamura in what I believe was his last trip to Jacksonville as part of NXT, and he and Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford put on a fantastic match against Authors of Pain and Andrade Cien Almas.

Overall, it was a wonderful night, and it was all topped off with getting to see my crush.


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