One More Post Before Vacation

We’re all packed up.  Tickets for everything we’re doing over the next few days have been purchased. Now it’s just a matter of getting some sleep before the drive to Winter Haven tomorrow. Even though I considered our trip to Ocala this past Thursday as the “kick off” to our vacation, we’re not really getting started until tomorrow.  Being home these last two days just kinda threw it off, if ya know what I mean….

Though, originally, the vacation was supposed to start today, because when we first bought the NXT Ocala tickets, the show was scheduled for today, not Thursday. Things change though.

I’m gonna be super busy when I get back though.  Ella won’t resume schooling until next week, but I still have a handful of assignments I’m going to have to get done, and just a few days to do them.

We’re also starting a new sewing project: a Patrick Clark costume. Ella wants to be able to dress up like him, and I have to finish that by Friday, since NXT is going to be here in Jacksonville.

Wish us luck on our adventures!

And if I don’t update before Wednesday, it is because we chose not to buy wifi at the hotel.



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