And Patrick Finally Wins!

So we just got home from Ocala. We had such a great time last night. NXT was a blast.  Ella met Bianca Blair for the third time, and she also got to meet a couple more wrestlers: Bin Wang and Macey Estrella.

They were both awesome. At the last NXT Jacksonville show, Ella cheered for Dori against Macey, and Macey told her to shut up.  So when Macey got to her, Ella told her that she was the one that had been cheering for Dori when Macey told her to shut up.  Macey looked shocked and asked, “You were?” Then after a moment she said, “I’m not going to apologize, and here’s why. I would’ve won, but you kept distracting me by cheering for her.”

We then told Macey that Ella said she’d cheer for her as long as she wasn’t wrestling her best friend: Liv Morgan, and Ella showed her the hand made Liv Morgan shirt that she was wearing.  Again, Macey looked shocked, and told her to zip up her jacket, then she told her, “She’s only your best friend because I hadn’t met you yet, but now we’re going to change that. Because ladies with class kick grass.”

She was such a sweetheart! Thank you Macey!

We didn’t get to speak to much with Bin, but he was super sweet, and Bianca signed Ella’s autograph book. I believe she already had before, but there’s no harm in having it again.

We also met Izzy, who’s a Bayley super fan. She was such a sweetheart, and her mom is pretty cool too!

Before the show actually started, we got to see Eric, who’s one of WWE’s security guards that Ella befriended back in December. He hugged her and told her his night was just made. He also told us that he’d been telling Patrick Clark (Ella’s favorite wrestler) about her, and that Patrick had remembered the match back in January against Roderick Strong, when she was cheering for him over Roddy.  He said that Roderick had told him, “I’m supposed to be the good guy, why’s she cheering for you?” There was no hard feeling though, because Roderick came over and hugged her afterwards.

So of course, we were thrilled when Patrick finally won a match. She had been complaining at the St. Augustine show last month that he never wins.  He also kept making it a point to look in our direction and stand in the corner by us.  I feel like Eric might’ve told him she was there, but that’s yet to be confirmed.

Ella also had a blast spending the night in a hotel room for the first time ever, and we had an amazing meal at Aunt Fannie’s this morning before coming back to Jacksonville.

Thank you NXT! Thank you Ocala! (Pictures below)


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