Our “Spring Break”

I had the intention of getting Ella up early this morning and starting on her school work, but a combination of over-sleeping on my own part, and the fact that we have to prepare for our vacation, I feel like today’s going to be more of a lay around and do what you want day.

She’s still going to do something, but I’m leaving it up to her, and encouraging her to learn about something she wants instead of me sitting beside her at the table pulling my hair out because she’s convinced it’s “too much.”

We’re not having a traditional “spring break.” Instead, our vacation is being spread between two weeks.

Tomorrow, we leave for Ocala. We’ll be going to see an NXT show. Then we’re coming home on Friday to go see Beauty & the Beast with some friends of mine. Relax on Saturday, and then Sunday we’re heading to Legoland.

My dad’s rented a condo in Orlando for a few days, so when we leave Legoland we’ll make the drive to the condo, and then Monday we’re going to see the Orlando Magic play. Tuesday we’re going to Wonderworks, and Wednesday we’re checking out an airboat tour before making the drive home.  The place where the airboat tour is also has a Native American village with actors teaching people how they lived long ago. So even though we’ll be having fun over the course of the next seven days, we’ll be sneaking in some educational aspects.

That also means that with the exception of Friday and Saturday, the likelihood of having any blog updates will be very small.


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