Monday Blues

The first day of an experiment I decided to try is not going well.

Could it be in relation to the simple fact that it is Monday?

Or is my child just being her typically moody, whiney “Why do I have to do it?” self?

The experiment (if you haven’t read previous posts) is that each day she’ll only work on one subject, but she’ll do more of that subject than she would’ve when we were doing everything each day.

Today is math day.

Math is one of her favorite subjects, right behind science.

And instead of doing it with no problem, it has taken her 45 minutes to do one worksheet with ONLY 30 problems on it. Why?

And rather than trying to get the pages that I’ve assigned to her done, she wants to just stare endlessly at the page rather than actually do the work.

Then there’s the complaining. Goodness. “I don’t want to do this. Why do I have to do so much? Am I always going to have to do this many?” Just. Do. It.

I’m ready to pull my hair out. She just spent ten minutes staring at the equation “7 + 3 = ___ ” before finally saying “I need help.” And I don’t understand why  she needs help either. I can’t count how many times I’ve told her that she can use her fingers (and this would be easily solved with fingers), but it seems she’d rather wait for me to tell her she can use her fingers, despite the hundreds of times I’ve told her to use them, before she actually does.

Or instead of asking for help she waits until I realize that she hasn’t done anything for ten minutes and I have to ask if she needs help.

When she was still attending public school, I had a conference with her teacher, and the teacher said she’ll do the same thing in class. Rather than raising her hand, she just sits there staring at the page, and ends up not completing her work. (Of course I asked the teacher why, if she sees Ella just sitting there not doing anything, does she not at the very least ask Ella what’s wrong or why she isn’t doing her work? Of course, she didn’t have an answer. One of many reasons we began this homeschooling journey.)

Regardless though, I’m losing my mind. It’s a daily occurrence. She doesn’t pay attention, she complains about EVERY thing, and she spends so much time just staring at the work (regardless of whether its a workbook or a computer screen) rather than doing it.

I need help! Any advice for motivating her into actually getting this stuff done?

I’ve even told her the longer she takes to do it means less playtime later, but it’s had zero effect on her. I even told her when she gets her work done in a timely manner we’d go to the park or the zoo, and yet she still takes ten hours to get her work done.

Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating on the “10 hours” part, but we’re sitting at the table from 10AM to 5PM. Something’s gotta give….


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