Social Studies?

When we were using mobymax, social studies was a breeze. Everything you could possibly need, was right there.

Now that we’re not using it though, social studies has been a lot harder to come by.

When we were at books-a-million they had NO social studies books. Period.

I was even willing to buy a third grade level book for my daughter to use, sure she’s in second, but there’s no reason not to be advanced, right? Plus a lot of the second grade stuff she was doing on mobymax she said she’d already learned last year, or had been learning already this year.

But I couldn’t even find a third grade book.

I’ve done countless searches on google as well as other websites like, and social studies lessons and curriculum appears to be at a minimal, if not completely non-existent.

So that begs me to ask the question, is social studies in second grade even necessary?

I even checked out EasyPeasy again just to see if maybe I had turned it down without even really giving it a chance, and despite that there are ‘History’ lessons, there’s nothing grade specific, and they don’t quite cover the curriculum I saw on mobymax or what I remember doing in school.



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