Click Schooling

Last night during one of many google searches in an attempt to find something decent (supplementary or otherwise), I discovered It seemed interesting enough, and I went ahead and added my e-mail to their database, because what the heck? Why not give it a shot?

The way they work, is each day the e-mail you resources on a different subject (it’s a schedule, Monday is math, and so on). So, today is art. I received my e-mail and it has a link to a website:

It actually looks really great! There’s so many different options (Bruce Lee paper dolls, cut & fold building and car models). My little kung fu princess doesn’t know who Bruce Lee is (yet), but I guarantee you we’ll be printing him out this week.  As well as the White House and Government Building models seeing as how she’s entered into the ‘Government’ part of her social studies book.

Another idea that I had last night while googling came from click schooling.

Instead of doing a whole bunch of subjects each day, we’re going to focus on one specific subject a day. So, Monday, before I get her out of bed, I’m going to be checking my e-mail to see what they’ve sent me for math. Hopefully it’ll be something that we can use. If not, we have a work book. We still have mobymax, and I even have an account with discoveryk12.  My big issue with them though is how much you have to pay for the parent-teacher account, which means not having access to her records.  However, they do seem a bit more intensive when it comes to science and social studies than some of the things that I’ve seen.


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